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Shotgun shooting is simple and fun, but incredibly more twisted and frustrating if you do not get it. We help you become a better shooter!

Do you miss a lot ??

I can change that!

I have been an active competitive shooter for many years. Participated in dozens of NM and various international matches and has many medals and titles from both NM, FM and various international matches. Has also participated in StarShot which went on TV some years ago. This has given me a lot of experience that I know how I can further convey to you as a shooter. Has extensive experience from the business world with leadership development so the pedagogy is also in place.

How often have I not heard on the clay pigeon course that people stand far behind and send out one message after another that; you shoot from behind, you shoot below / above, etc. This is something many people can see, BUT few can tell you why you make mistakes and what you must do to hit. If necessary, we use video to help you become a better shooter. And we guarantee you will be a better shooter!

You can stand in peace and quiet on our own clay pigeon course in the deep forests and have the opportunity to train in all possible shooting situations with a highly experienced instructor.

"When the opportunity to get a tiur on the ground is present, it is known that you actually hit

Spend a few hours with an instructor and leave a minimum of 20 rounds on a clay pigeon course, then you increase the hit percentage during the hunt by many times!

After finishing with 25 of 25 possible clay pigeons in the final, he finished in a strong tenth place. Thus, he became the best of the local shooters during the NM with 121 of 125 possible hits.


Facsimile Østlandetsblad

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