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Spring is definitely clear when most people are hunting
beaver. The evenings are brighter and beaver
more active since it is a distinct
nocturnal animals.


How you want the hunting experience is up to you. We tailor a scheme that suits you. Beaver hunting is a great way to start your hunting career.

It requires little resources and equipment. A good pair of binoculars and lots of patience can be a good start. The beaver looks very bad but in return it hears incredibly well. In this terrain, you can experience getting the beaver in at a distance of one meter, if you manage to be quiet. Remember camcorder. Here you can get many good memories from the trip.

The nearest cottage is 100 m from where you live during your stay.

Exclusive hunting. Several km long river available with 3-4 beaver cabins.

nina beaver 2 – Kopi.jpg
20190429_113116 (002).jpg
beaver in water hooks.jpg
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