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Join the deer hunt

Experience 3 different hunting forms in 2-3 days

Sneaky hunting;

Sneaking around the terrain after the deer is perhaps the most demanding and most exciting form of hunting. Here you can join our well-known guides or try it for yourself.

Post hunting ;

There are many agricultural areas that the deer use in the evening / night. We know where the deer pulls in the evenings so here for you perhaps the greatest opportunities.

The area we hunt is in Tolga municipality in Østerdalen. An easy terrain that has a high density of deer. We are very proud to present this product. There are also large instances of deer in the area, which we got to experience when we were there in the autumn of 20. If you want to shoot deer during your stay, there is also the possibility of that.

Full moon and roar hunting!

A very exciting form of hunting that I would like to give those who have not taken part in this before a try. Having several bucks running around and roaring can make the most experienced hunter a little shaky. The hunt takes place in the period   November 4-9. Only  4 places 

Deer in the moon3.jpg
Roe deer cam 2.jpg

                                                                                        (Photo: Egill J. Danielsen)

In the last decade, deer have migrated east in significantly larger numbers than before.

Many people associate deer with coastal areas. In any case, this is not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Østerdalen. Now this is about to change. Never before have so many deer been observed and killed in Østerdalen.

- 10-12 years ago it was considered a curiosity, while today we see more deer than elk, says Asgeir Murvold, acting leader of the landowners' association in Stor-Elvdal according to

Facsimile from Hjorteportalen

deer in avisa_edited.png

Pictures from two of our wildlife cameras.

Deer game cam 4g.jpg
Deer night.jpg


We offer several options for accommodation. Charming mansions and cabins located adjacent to the hunting area. (pictures to come later)

House tolga 1.CR2
Hus tolga with the river.CR2
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