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Unique access to mountain fishing in private water with a fishing net!

The Red Lake 

Here we have a unique offer for those who want to experience having an entire body of water to themselves and who do not want to stand in "queues" as is the case at some of our national parks. Exciting streams that wind out from the waters provide opportunities for young and old.

In the boathouse  there are lots of nets and water with a fine stock of both trout and char. 

In beautiful  areas deep in the mountains south of Tolga lies this gem that you can experience  as one of the goals of the summer.

Press the icon  to the map reference and start planning one of the summer goals.

Koie fjellvann tolga.jpg

The cabin is equipped with a gas burner, wood stove and necessary kitchen equipment.

Boy with fishing rod.jpg
Boy with char in a boat tolga.jpg
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