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With us, you get to experience well-organized forest bird hunting in a beautiful and wild terrain.

We provide a local hunting guide with good bird dogs, which together provide an optimal starting point for the hunt. If you join us on the hunt, we will take you to the best places in the terrain where we have observed a lot of birds.

We are locally known, experienced hunters who manage the private terrain in which it is hunted. We hunt and manage the terrain as much as possible, and are active in shooting predators in the area. With many years of experience with forest bird hunting, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge that we are happy to share.


The terrain is beautifully situated in the forests of Elverum. This is an exclusive private terrain. The terrain has a varied biotope, which creates a beautiful environment for the forest bird.

If you want to experience capercaillie hunting at its best, you can stop looking any further.


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