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About Spellplassen.

Spellplassen is one of Norway's leading hunting brokers who have customers from home and abroad and has been on the market for 10 years. With the heart of Østerdalen as our starting point, we offer hunting for most huntable species in the region. For us, the quality of what we deliver is crucial and is probably one of the reasons why customers keep coming back to us.

In order for you to be happy as a customer with us, we go the extra mile and go the extra mile.

We deliver package solutions that we guarantee you as a customer will be satisfied with.

Guides and familiar people with dogs that work are one of the requirements for your hunt to be successful. We have all this in place.

In our cabins and cabins, we guarantee that you will find yourself at home. In our assortment you will find everything from the simple koi to cabins of a high standard.


Welcome to us for a hunting experience!

Our Guides

Steinar 58 years

Grounds of the spell place,  Hunting and  have hunted what there is to  hunting in this country.

2 pointers and a hybrid gordon setter  in the stable. Is also the cook in the house when needed.

Terje 51 years

Brought up hunting, have hunted mostly in the Nordics. But when I moved inland, forest bird hunting became the main focus. We have three straight-haired vorsteh. Lives in Ringsaker.

Kirsti guide 24.jpg

Kirsti 54 år

Har to Kleiner Münsterländere som brukes til skogsfugl jakt og prøver. Kirsti er primært hundefører og aktiv innen hundesport. Hun er vant til å føre hundene for jegere på jakt.

Hermann guide.jpg

Herman 26 years

Hunts most big game with and without a dog in Norway and Sweden, but is passionate about loose dog hunting and searching. Has a Jämthund for moose and wild boar, and a PBGV for deer, deer and fallow deer. Search crew and field controller. Been hunting all my life.

Yes, 54 years

Fell first grouse 44 years ago (10 years)
Hunted most things except reindeer, focus on forest birds and grouse in recent years
Two Pointers
Lives in Nesodden, born in Dokka.


nina guide_edited.jpg

Nina 58 years

Hunts mostly forest birds and grouse. A wonderful dog handler. With her 2 Drensche Patrijshounds, she is one of the guides best known in our terrains.

Lives in Skarnes

Jørn d with buck.JPEG

Jørn 56 years

One of the guides with the most deer  on conscience.

Bonfire man and mood maker for our guests. 40 years of driving time in the forest

Our wanted crew. 

Resident at Kolbotn 

henriette seyfarth_edited.jpg

Henriette  52 år


Henriette er en ivrig fugle jeger, jakter både skogsfugl og ryper med sine toKleinerMünsterländere. Hun deltar også på fuglehundprøver.

Bosatt i Asker. 

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